DRAGOMAN is a 50 male who has been a Christian for 28 years. During the last three years he has felt mightily impelled to learn, via reverse engineering, the ancient Biblical Hebrew and Greek. While he well accepts GOD can teach someone without learning the original text, granting great and profound insights, he nonetheless firmly believes that in order to make really powerful Biblical arguments, one must have a half- decent grasp of what the original text is actually saying. He has works ready on a spectrum of topics such as the Bible Diet, Corroborating Newton: One who arrived at very nearly the same speculated date for the end of this age, as Isaac Newton, via completely different reasoning; Correct Moral Treatment of Animals according to the Bible; The modern equivalents of the Bible “Nations”; A Proper Exegetical, Etymological, and Analytic investigation into the meaning of the Bible Gemstones; the Biblical Position of Women, and much, much more. He has by the grace of GOD been enlightened without the assistance of any books or people, how to solve the Rubiks Cube. He likes Shaolin Kung Fu, and especially Iron Hand training. Some highly  regarded influences are Gothard,  Edersheim, Olford, Prasch, Trench, Nunn, Tolstoy, Ian- Thomas, Bunyan, and he highly regards Lane-Craig, Geisler, and Popper. He came to Christ, in awe of the utter singularity of Jesus Christ. He brings to the table, not a collation of what others have said, but detailed jot and tittle excruciating mental exertions and grapplings of the Bible text. He believes  the critical question in life is how does one overcome evil.