MORE FROM DRAGOMAN. . . The separable ethnic groups or Bible nations, with their modern equivalents, in my view are the following;



GOMER: China, Taiwan, perhaps Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.

MAGOG: Russia, Belarus.

MADAI: ancient Medes, Azeri people of northern Iran and the nation of Azerbaijan.

JAVAN: Greece, some Balkan, even part Bulgaria, Romania, Albania.

TUBAL: Ukraine, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Lithuania.

MESHECH: Georgia, Armenia, Chechnya, Dagestan, plus others and the non- Asiatic portion of peoples in such as Turkmenistan and Tajikstan.

TIRAS: Turkey, Bulgars, Circassians- the JAPHETIC portion of Turkey plus some others in the former U.S.S.R related to Circassians especially close to the Caucasus.

ASHKENAZ: Asiatic peoples in former so called Soviet Union; Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Nepal, Burma, Tibet- almond eyes dominating characteristic.

RIPHATH: Asiatic class- Vietnam,Cambodia, [ Kampuchea ],Laos, Thailand, perh. Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore.

TOGARMAH: Korea, Japan [ including Okinawa ], Inuit Eskimoes, Mongols.

ELISHA: Germany, the former Prussia, part Dutch, part Belgium, alot Swiss, alot Austria, some French, some Denmark, some Sweden, some Latvia, perhaps some Finland.

TARSHISH: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Carthagians, part France, part Belgium, part Holland, U.S.A.  [ people not territory as stolen in GOD’S sight from the Red Indians] ,Australia [ people not territory as stolen in GOD’S sight from the Aboriginals ] , much Canada, New Zealand apart from Maori, a lot Sweden, a lot Denmark, some Finland, some Estonia, Basque, some Catalan, some Spain, some Portugal, Iceland, some Corsica, some Malta; [Celts, Picts, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Normans ] .

KITTIM: ancient Romans, Italians, large portion Spain, probably Cypriots, 35% -45% paternal modern Greece, some France, Sicily, Sardinia, some Corsica, some Malta.

DODANIM: North and South American Indians, other island Indians, perhaps some Maoris.


CUSH: modern Ethiopia, Eritrea, part Sudan to Nile, Somalia, Somaliland, perhaps Kenya, perhaps Tanzania, plus more. Cush like Javan is a conglomerate of sons who represent ethnic groups together as a political entity. Original and GOD – given territory to where the Nile traversed through Africa, originally east of the Nile; see Gen 2:13- river Gihon.

SEBA: negro Africa outside Cush and outside the North African areas of Egypt, Libya, Berbers, e.t.c.

HAVILAH: Aboriginal Australians, much Papua New Guinea people, Torres Strait Islanders, other islanders probably such as New  Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands.

SABTAH: minority negro African groups in Seba territory and strong representation [but not majority ] in Ethiopian Cush lands. Naturally would tend to have majorities in their own GOD allocated sections of Africa.

RAAMAH: merging of Indian and Sri Lankans, Pakistan, Bangladesh plus some parts of India.

SHEBA: India, [ there is also a Shemitic Abrahamic Sheba ].

DEDAN: Sri Lanka, [ there is also a Shemitic Abrahamic Dedan ].

SABTECHAH: minority groups in Seba territory but a majority in their own , just like Sabtah. I think this ethnic group has strong repn. In Ethiopia, as Havilah,Sheba and Dedan large migrations out, albeit not a majority, otherwise Ethiopia or Cush in Scripture would be titled as Sabtechah instead. Sabtah maybe taller than Sabtechah. Also likely to include Pygmies and Hottentots, in my opinion.

NIMROD: negro or Cushitic Middle East influence, part of Babylon Chaldee people.Original founder of Babel – [ Babylon ]; likely the Akkadians of antiquity.

MIZRAIM: ancient Egypt , a conglomerate of his sons.

LUDIM: prominent Egypt group or coming out of Egypt, very skilled in archery- Berbers.

AMAMIM: repn. In Egypt.

LEHABIM: repn. In Egypt.

NAPHTUHIM: repn. In Egypt.

PATHRUSIM: repn. In Egypt; territory of modern Egypt.

CASLUHIM: Philistines, modern Palestinians, although many Palestinians are Moab, Ammon, Arab, Ishmael, and Edom influenced and integrated; i.e. , by Jordan and various Arabs in modern terms.

CAPHTORIM: Middle Eastern Egypt group having territory around Sinai perhaps and certainly a very close affinity

y to the Philistines and Casluhim formerly.

PHUT: Arab ethnic people comprising majorities most likely in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia plus perh. Others, e.g. Mauritania; predominantly Muslim.

CANAAN: an amalgam of the sons of Canaan. By this I mean a Canaanite is not actually a Canaanite specifically but belong to one of the nations stemming from the sons of Canaan i.e. , a Canaanite must be in terms of ethnic identity – a Sidonian, Hittite, [ Heth ], Jebusite, Amorite, Girgasite, Hivite, Arkite, Sinite, Arvadite, Zemarite, or Hamathite, according to the male parent.

SIDON: SIDON [ ZIDON } of old, part ancient Tyre, large part of modern Lebanon.

HETH: Hittites

JEBUSITE: Original Canaanite group inhabiting Jerusalem and surrounds in antiquity.


HAMATHITE: a people inhabiting a territory south and southeast of Syrian territory, customarily bordering them in the past.


ELAM: Kurds and Lurs or Lori of Western Iran, plus other Kurds.

ASSHUR: Assyria, Iraq.

ARPHAXAD: the line of Eber, [ from where Israel came ], but through Joktan instead of Peleg, the latter being the Hebrew/Israelite/Jewish line. Joktan had 13 sons comprising 13 distinct ethnic nations who, [ or a strong part thereof ] , made up the very powerful Shemitic sector of ancient Babylon.

LUD: the Shemitic portion of modern Turkey, the Saracens, archers.

ARAM: modern Syria which is made up of the lines from 4 sons, i.e., 4 ethnic nations; Uz, Hul, Gether, Mash. Mash is called Meshech elsewhere. Unnecessary to decide the 4 groups; probable parity in appearance in appearance between Shemitic Meshech and Japhetic Meshech.

ABRAHAM: nations deriving from Abraham.

ZIMRAN: a strong warrior group of ancient Persia and modern Iran.

JOKSHAN,SHEBA,DEDAN: the Pushtun people being approx. 38-42%  popn. Of Afghanistan and 15% approx. in Pakistan, called so because of their resemblance to Sheba [ India ] and Dedan [ Sri Lanka ].

ASSHURIM, LETUSHIM, LEUMMIN: Pushtun derivatives, perh. one group in Iraq or at least  looking like them due to the title of Asshurim.

MIDIAN: a people close to Edom with connections to the Ishmaelites, Arabic group one branch , maybe Bedouins; speculative one or two sons migrated to the Peloppenese and were the ancient Spartans; see Josephus. If so , perhaps Ishbak and/or Shuah. Yemen  and other Arab States strongly influenced by Midian strains.

ISHMAEL: Arabic group in Middle East, maybe Sinai also; connection with Egypt also through mother Hagar, who was Egyptian.

ESAU: ancient Edom and southern Jordan today. Brother of Jacob, [Israel ], and also probably dwelling in northern Saudi Arabia.

ISRAEL: modern Hebrew, Jews, and Israelis; descends into 12 tribes, not of themselves separate nations or ethnic people due to being called SHAYBET not GOYIM.

ABRAHAM’S concubines/mistresses: Shemitic group travelling East but utterly disagree these were the origin of almond eyed Asians – [ see discourse ] .

LOT- [Abraham’s nephew ],- MOAB and AMMON; – descendants dwelling today in modern Jordan.

NAHOR: [ Abraham’s brother ]- groups closely connected to Aram- [Syria ], due to name of their respective sons being similar and a city called ARAM   NAHHARAHYIM, which is called the IEER , or city of Nahor. What is translated as Mesopotamia in Gen 24:10, is in or very close to modern Syrian territory.


Many Nations have been robbed

Many  territory claims , in light of scripture are spurious

The  GOMER of EZEKIEL must be CHINA with NORTH KOREA and NORTHERN JAPAN,very likely to be TOGARMAH-c.f., “make way for the kings of the EAST “, in the book of REVELATION.

All the oil and fuel will run out ,as the flesh of literal horses being eaten and actual wood from weapons being burnt , shows a consequent crippling of modern industry reliant upon these- see Ezekiel.