First thing, highlight the word, ”allegations”. In scripture, there are a few judicial methods which applied to ascertaining a person’s guilt, regarding alleged behaviour. Firstly; CONFESSION before 2 or 3 witnesses in an open type of context – Bill Gothard has denied the allegations.

Secondly; the Divine revelation of a matter via dreams, prophecy, word of knowledge, or means such as drawing lots or Urim and Thummin. Divine judgement could also follow procedures such as the bitter water of Num 5:11-31. Never do we find torture. However, I am unaware concerning words of knowledge, and we have no warrant to roll dice, or concoct potions for judgements. We also must not forget Ananias and Sapphira, as to liars and hypocrites in the Church of Jesus Christ, for they will surely be exposed and punished, if not now, then later.

Thus, we come to normal judicial procedure. We observe that, “in the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established”, that witnesses need  to “agree together”, that false witnesses are punished like for like; that diligent inquiry, investigation, and examination must be made, and even crafty questions asked like Solomon concerning a disputed infant, and Daniel in the Apocryphal book of Susanna. The answers of the accusers must also be witnessed by 2 or 3, and recorded. Witnesses must agree together, certainly upon critical data, but odd variations concerning the 5W’S and the How? upon even apparently incidental data still need to be duly noted, as lying might be thereby exposed.

Note this next point well. If there are 10 people accusing Mr. Gothard, it does not follow automatically there are 10 witnesses. Every individual, separate, and particular claim requires 2 or 3 witnesses to claimed events. As I observe such is not the case re Mr. Gothard, then the Church must utterly reject the accusations and he must forthwith get back to work, sharing the great light GOD has given him, because both Christians and unbelievers desperately need to hear and apply it.

Remember Potiphar’s wife, Jezebel, Herodias, etc. False accusations were not a problem to these miserable wretches. We must be wary of the foxy types who play the common trick of trying to cajole money via out of court settlements through fear of scandal or potential punishment. My advice is that not a solitary dime is paid out, not simply because it appears somewhat of an admission of guilt but rather as it offends the LORD to not follow Biblical procedures. Please do not use the LORD’S money for useless legal counsel, but argue the matter simply and righteously.

Warily, I query how apparently 30 or so witnesses of a couple of years ago has reduced to 10. Further, I exhort commentators not to speak of “credible“ witnesses against Mr. Gothard, yet not provide a shred of evidence to back up the assertion, yes, I’m talking to you, Micah Pilcher. Moreover, I perceive much anti – Gothard sentiment based on ostensible reasons pertaining to the dangers of personality cult figures, as having much more to do with personal dislike and antipathy to his high biblical teaching i.e. such naysayers love their low standards, sinful proclivities, and mediocre lives – keep hunting for reasons, Losers. Of course it is possible Mr. Gothard is guilty but no more so than if 10 random women levelled such accusations against Daniel, Jeremiah or Paul. Lastly, I warn the women, if they are lying, to immediately repent or GOD will surely do something horrible to them. Even if there were some truth in the sight of GOD as to any content in the allegations, it may nonetheless be His will to deal with the matter more personally and privately firstly.

LOVE you greatly brother, you are an Isaac Newton of Theology, of Daniel’s lot, and truly, an apple of GOD’S eye;